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Forum Rules - Please Read All Before Posting!


This entire site was created to have a stronghold fans community forum where you can feel free to talk can share views, reviews about StrongHold 1, StrongHold Crusader, StrongHold 2, StrongHold Legends, StrongHold Extreme, StrongHold Kingdoms, StrongHold 3 games. Let's talk about stronghold games and have a good time.

GENERAL RULES: We are all are smart here, so lets act like it. Your opinions are welcome, but lets respect each other. As this is "an online forum and community", everything starts and ends with how we word our posts, threads, and responses. If you post a game review and someone says "that sucks" .... well that's not respectable. But if you say: "very nice, but not my cup of tea", that is acceptable. You get the idea. 
There shall be no bashing. It is not called for - period. When you bash a certain post, comment, keep in mind that other people might likeand enjoy it. Basically if you don't have anything nice to say,simple don't say anything.
Your opinions, experience, and history are greatly appreciated and always welcome. Just please always be respectful and there will not be a problem. 
Topics about religion or politics are not allowed at this time on Any threads with this type of topic matter will be locked. No religious phrases or comments or images are allowed in signatures, comments either.

We do not allow discussions about what  happens on other sites, forums. This applies to all other forums. We do not allow pointless bashing of individuals associated with other stronghold forums or sites.

Always ASK a moderator or administrator if you have any questions about the rules! Send a quick Private Message and you will receive an answer as quickly as possible!  

Account Rules:

  • You can have ONE account at a time. If you are found to have multiple accounts one, or both, will be deleted as a member and banned. 
  • The staff of this site will never ask you for direct personal information like your name, address, or financial account info. (There may be donation buttons on this site or Paypal buttons for advertising, but those features will take you to other secure sites where payments are made safely). If anyone asks you for this type of information please immediately report this to a board moderator or use the Contact Form to reach the site admins.
  • There is NO mention of other stronghold or fan related forums on this site.
    • Account IDs must not contain profanity or any other offensive language/terms. In addition, it may not contain a reference to another website. This will not be allowed.
    No posting of links to other related forums OR soliciting members to join other forums
  • ** The Administers of this site reserve the right, and without explanation, to not allow other websites (any) to be posted or advertised anywhere on this site, including posts, threads, and signatures, etc at their sole discretion.
    ** In general no other mention of other forums are permitted without approval from the moderators of the site.
  • We do not allow pointless bashing of individuals associated with other stronghold forums or sites.
  • will never give out your email address to anyone.You may always set your mailing preferences in control panel.
  • will from time to time send out announcements and forum related news via email. You can choose to opt out of receiving these emails in you User Control Panel.
  • We do not delete accounts. You can choose to no longer visit the site, but we do not delete accounts. It creates issues with existing posts / threads.
Avatar Rules:

  • The current maximum avatar size is limited in size, Animated avatars are permitted.
  • NO avatars with nudity, profanity, swears, racial slurs or elements, or anything the staff considers offensive will be allowed. The staff will remove any avatars at its discretion and the member will receive a warning. Multiple warning will lead to the ability to have an avatar being eliminated or the member being removed from the site.
No profanity, nudity, swears, racial slurs or elements; or anything the staff considers offensive will be allowed in signatures, posts, comments. Offensive content will be edited or removed without notice.

** We reserve the right, and without explanation, to not allow other websites to advertise their sites anywhere on this site, including signatures, comments, posts, photos, videos etc..

Additional Posting Rules:

  • Any personal attacks or harassment will not be tolerated in any form, suggestion, or manner. It will immediately be moderated and the member warned. We do not allow fighting between members or any threatening words.
  • Individual forums may have different rules. Make sure to read the rules for each section before posting.
  • Links to adult sites are not allowed. If you have an adult themed board please speak with the site admin before posting.
  • Adult material is not allowed. This IS NOT a porn site. Naked pictures, movies or text is not allowed.
  • We reserve the right to remove any image or text at any time if we feel it is inappropriate or does not follow the site rules.
  • English language only.
  • No posting of links to other related forums or soliciting members to join other related site forums.
Additional Private Messages Rules:

  • Absolutely no soliciting or spamming other members through Private Messages will be allowed. This is incredibly offensive and rude and we will not tolerate it. If another member sends you Private Message spam please immediately forward this to a site moderator.
    - No posting of links to other related forums or soliciting members to join other related site forums
  • Absolutely no threats of violence or discussions of off line violence are allowed. This will be dealt with seriously and could/can result in a membership being banned or removed.

  • Is only allowed in Showcase threads only if specified..
  • Site wide Advertising Opportunities ARE available. Please contact us at admin @ for more details about advertising on this site.
We hope you remain a member of for the rest of your life. But in the event you choose to leave the site we will wish you the very best of luck in whatever direction your life leads you. We do not delete members and/or posts. Reserves the right to add, remove, modify any content, or rules without prior notice.

-- Admin
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