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Smarty Dec 2 '12
Cheat Codes - StrongHold Crusader

Press Shift + Alt + A at the 'Main' menu to enable 'Cheat' mode then during gameplay enter the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

Note: you may have to type the case sensitive password 'TRIBLADE2002' (without the quotes) for the codes to work.

Increases Popularity by 100 and Money by 1,000:
Press Alt + X

Cycle Characters or Unlocks ALL Missions:
Press Alt + C

Destroy Enemy Fortress:
Press Alt + K

Destroy Selected Enemy:
Press Alt + Z

Destroy Main Stronghold:
Press Alt + G

Engage Debug Mode:
Press Alt + D

Increase Character's Level:
Press Alt + P

Upgrades and Purchases become Free:
Press Alt + F

Time Shift:
Press Alt + S

Time Compression Engaged:
Press Alt + Q

ALL Enemies on Screen Turn into Butt Sauce:
Press Alt + Y

chotiyal Feb 1 '13
Thanks Its very useful for all and it helps me allot i am finding such kind of stuff.