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Smarty Dec 8 '12
Quick Tips for beginners on how to start stronghold games.

There are various types of games withing each series, custom map, Trails, castle builder, after you have selected your game and map has been loaded.

I'll recommend to start with Castly builder without opponent. It will give you quick learning on building happy town.

Build your castle first in castle builder game, other game mode will have castle auto built there in map.

Next step is to build a grainery - Grainery will have all stocks of food items which farmers / worders will produce. You will notice some food is given to start game.

Build some stock pile adjecent to castle, where all the raw material is collected by various workers.

Build atleast Two - Three wood cutter's huts to collect woods. The most basic resource in the game is wood and is required in the construction of almost every building. When you place a woodcutter’s hut on the map an available

peasant will turn into a woodcutter and get to work cutting down trees.

Build one or two apple orchard farms to quickly start gathering food.

One Wheat Farm.

Here you are almost through starting wonderful StrongHold Strategy, you should have peasants / workers gathered near castle.

Now build Market / optionally first build Mercenary. Post Arabian troops can be hired from here for a price in gold. This will give you cheap, quick and easy defense for your castle.

Collect Wood the most..! as it is most common resource.

Leavy some taxes to collect gold, Remember your popularity will start falling as soon as you put taxes.

Add Chappel, Garden, Water Well to increase popularity by happliness.

Remember to build Quarry (Stone collection) Quarries extract stone from the earth. Once your oxen have carried the stone to your stockpile, you can use is to build your walls and towers.

Now try use all the available options.

*Greetings sire, the desert awaits you.*

Happy Journey..-Victory Awaits You.!